Box Tops Baseball All Stars! Print E-mail


We only have two weeks left, at this point any class can still win the final contest.  So far, we have had four Cubs fans donate Tops - any Sox fans out there?  Simply collect the Tops from specially marked packages, stuff into a bag, write the name, teacher, and baseball team affiliation and drop them off in the mailbox in the lobby!  We will do the rest and yes, these Tops really do add up!  Please get your Box Tops in before the end of the school year as many will expire before our next redemption date. 

A special shout out to Mackenzie O. in KP for turning in 489 Tops recently! Great work!  Thank you all for your participation.



Did you know?

Popcorn days have begun!  Every year, our PTA provides about 25 popcorn days in which the students from three classrooms all receive a free bag of popcorn.  Parents deliver the popcorn and are treated like rock stars!  Ask your kids about it ... they LOVE popcorn days!

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