Welcome to the May Watts Staff Favorites Page

Click on the staff member's name to get their list of favorites including snacks, restaurants and more. If you do not see a teacher's name, they have not shared a list of their favorites at this time.


Some staff members have also shared Amazon or Target wishlists on their favorites page.  Please note, these wishlists are intended solely for classroom-related items and resources that enhance your child's learning experience.  We kindly request that you refrain from using these wishlists for holiday or personal gifts and instead use their favorites to help guide gift giving, should you choose to do so.  Thank you!



Linda Doranski

Rashelle Wollnik


First Grade

Lisa Baumgardner

Amanda Giarrante

Mariah Puntney


Second Grade

Mary Blessing

Kate Cheever

Tracy Frederick

Angie Kiselyk

Stacey Wilke


Third Grade

Katherine Drone

Carrie Pedersen


Fourth Grade

Karen Brooks

Kristen Erwin

Ashley Gray


Fifth Grade

Hailey Binkley

Ann Covert

Amanda DeNeve

Amit Vaid


Terri Andrews - PE

Shazia Anwar - ELL

Christine Binderup - Building Secretary

Heather Bronson - Project Arrow

Danielle Donaldson - Music

Tracy Fiore - Occupational Therapy

Karen Golat - Office Assistant

Liz Happy - LMC

Angie Johnson - Nurse

Marie Schiller - Reading Improvement

Alefiyah Tawawalla - ELL

Shruti Warekar - Teaching Assistant